Born and raised in Southern California, Emily Stewart's passion is to share stories through photographic images. In May 2022, she obtained her Bachelors of Arts at CSUSM. While Emily has a gift in photography, her focus is on childhood education. Her long term goal is to teach children around the world and simultaneously create photos all for the glory of God.
Emily has traveled all throughout the world including countries like Mexico, Peru, and Uganda doing missionary work. In early 2019, Emily bought a used Nikon DSLR from a friend for $100. During her trip to Uganda, she learned how to use that camera and loved making photos of the people in her village. After this trip, she continued her work in photojournalism in Mexico and all throughout California. As she continued to develop a deeper understanding of photography, Emily finally bought a professional camera and eventually launched her career in storytelling photography in December of 2020. 
Emily's current work is in her hometown doing portraits, engagement and weddings. She wants to continue to expand her work in storytelling photography in the United States but also other countries. If you have any questions or would like to support her work click the Contact button.
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